Brilliant Painting Basement Floor Ideas For Perfect Accent

Choosing to do painting basement floor requires people to carefully decide on which method they want to do. This is because basement is a closed room, and mostly never has sunlight coming through inside and thus makes it becomes humid. Moreover, basement floor is what people see when they enter this room. In this case, there are several steps to follow before the floor is ready to paint. Check out all those steps needed and apply it to basement for perfect accent.

First step to do is to clean thorough the floor before it is ready to paint. Painting basement floor design then can be done after the process. People should also check the humidity of room because if it is too hot or too cold, then it is better not to paint it. After that, remove all items and furniture in the area that will be painted. It can be done by sweeping the floor or people can even mopping this area to make sure it is clean.

Next step is to protect baseboards and fixtures. This can be achieved by taping off the perimeter and with masking tape. This way, people can do it much faster. After all preparations are done, then the next thing to do is to choose paint, including color, brand, and how many accent colors to be used. But, make sure to mix paint with catalyst because it hardens the paint quickly.

It is not that hard to, about this painting floor thing. The requirement is for people to have best preparations for all needed items. Or, actually people can always use tiles or even installing wooden floor so that they do not have to paint any surface. However, if painting is the desired effect, then stunning painting basement floor design should be chosen, which can be achieved by home owner’s personal taste.

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